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how much would this cost?

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Ive been playing around drawing kits for the Z and other cars alike. How much would it cost to get one of my drawings custom fabricated? And what type of material? ABS.. Wood lol :smiley69: Fiberglass..?

Just an idea still.. dunno...
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You mean like artwork? It's all up to you. Too much and nobody will bother, too low and you'll be wasting your time. Just be fair.
I dont really like many of the aftermarket front bumpers for the Z... Or I like a little from each of them, but none I can really decide on. So i figured Id design my own, and find someone who can fabricate it. I am just wondering how much that would cost. I dont plan on selling them. I just want one so my car could be one of a kind.
How good are you at scuplture??

If you can make what you want out of plaster or cut it out of foam, making your own fiberglass mold is easy.

I suck at art, so this isn't ever an option for me, but maybe you???
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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