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I just replaced the front pads. The fronts were in much better shape, I only used up 30-35% of the pads as compare to 50% of the pads in the rear. The 350Z isnt a car with tons of rear bias, do you guys have any idea why it ate up so much of the rear?
Interesting, as I have also run RoadAtlanta and my fronts wear faster than the rears, 2003 model.
I'm running carbotech panther pluses on front and stock pads on rear. The carbotech fronts were new when I ran Rockingham in the summer (garaged until RoadAtlanta), 40% worn going to RoadAtlanta. Totally ate the rest of them up during the weekend at RoadAtlanta, had to change out to worn stock pads just to get home. Had a great time there, my 2nd.

I'm installing StopTec BBK on all four, 4 piston fronts and 2 piston rears. Will probably run carbotech pads on all 4 at the track, Panther plus 9s or 10s.

If you run RoadAtlanta, I would recommend front and rear sway bars. Great improvements on all turns and very noticable on turns 1, 5, going into 10a, 11 into the front straight. I'm running Hotchkis sways, I can't remember specs on them but last time I checked, they only had 1 set avail for the 350z/G35s.
Just purchased Tein Flex with EDFC, will be installing before running RoadAtlanta again.
Along with other stuff that is definitely Track necessary once you get serious like baffled oil pan, lightweight race wheels, slicks.

I run VIR (Virginia International Raceway), Rockingham and RoadAtlanta for the past 2 years now.
Peachtree BMW is a good group of guys to run with as they go to RoadAtlanta about 4 times a year, and a good opportunity to run past M3s.

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