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Calm down dude. The pic of the girl in the Daytona Blue Z got me excited too! LOL
The fact is that modding is expensive. I chose to go N/A, which gives good gains, but nothing like TT or SC. It is more reliable and doesn't require all the tuning of F/I, and has less risk of blowing the engine.

For the money I have spent, I could easily have a supercharger with money left over, and for not too much more, I could have a Greddy TT.

This is a learning experience for me. The most I have ever done to mod a car before this is a lot of suspension work and an engine chip in a couple of BMWs I had before the 350Z.

I do not do this to impress anyone but myself. I share the info about my car so other owners can make informed decisions about modding their cars. If I had it to do over, I might go F/I, but I have too much invested in my N/A car now to get rid of the intake, plenum, headers, etc. to switch to an SC or TT.

Now just drive it.
1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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