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How much hp

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Just wondering if anyone has had a similar setup and what the rwhp and mabie some times would be just trying to get an Idea were I would be with the mods I'm looking at. My car is a daily driver so I don't what to go to crazie but I would love to be able to take it to the track on the weekend and woop on some stangs. So here is the mods list I'm obtaining. Nismo Intake, Stillen underdrive pulleys, Intense Power plenum spacer, Intense Power race pipes, Borla true dual, Utec, and a zex 75hp wet shot. Curious as to with and without the nitrous. I have a 06z. Thanks Guys.
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What kind of track are you planning to drive?
I suppose it depends on the type of dyno that's used to measure, but I'm going to conservatively guess that you'll see 275hp at the wheels, and that's w/o the NO2.

Is your car a manual or auto?
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