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Houston MTI Dyno Day and Show n Shine.

When: Saturday November 13th, 2004 from 10 to 4pm
Where: Motorsport Technologies, Inc. 12500 Oxford Park Drive, Houston, Texas 77082. 281 870 8787.
Who: You and
Houston Performance Driving

Dyno: There will be two spots for Misc. cars. That includes Z's. If you would like to sign up, you need to register on the HPD site and post up on the HPD thread. Cost for two pulls is $45.00. You pay at MTI on the 13th. Winners in each class will receive a trophy.

Show and Shine: The Show n Shine is limted to parking space. Cost to enter is $5.00. You pay on the 13th. You do not have to sign up on the HPD site to register for this. Winners will receive a trophy.

Please visit here for all other information.

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Can you give me directions to the nearest airport so I can transport my Z in a personal cargo plane?

You should make a career as a party planner. They can make decent money. Good job on organizing this.
Wish I could be there.
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