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Houston meet!!

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Do to crappy weather the first meet was canceled, so i say lets shoot for Sept 18th, what do you guys think?
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Well, I will probably be there, but ya never know what the future holds. After Sept. 29th, I will probably be preparing for my surgery , so <span style="font-family:Courier">Let's get her done!!!</span>
Can't make it in September - license will be suspended starting Aug 26 - Nov 24. ----too many speeding tickets ----

Oh well may be next time.
OUCH! suspended license? you need a good radar detector.
As Nisslow02 mentioned, Sept 18th is the date of a pretty large Annual Z meet and car show in Austin. it's a judged car show, huge event, blah blah blah. been planned for months.

I would think that date is a pretty big conflict with that event. Planning it for that date would hurt the 350Z turnout from the austin, San An, and Houston areas.

I would suggest scheduling for another date if possible, but I understand you can only please so many people- just there's going to be a pretty big conflict with that date.

keep me updated on the progress as well if you don't mind, as I don't check this forum often at all.
thanks, and good luck guys!
How about Sept 25th?
ok sounds good ot me!!
Jaysen can you make a poll link on the top of the page for this or put it in the news section?
dave you ar a mod, cant u do it
just tell me what you want in it and i will add it
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Hey Jaysen. Yeha I know I can do it. I just meant more about making it a front page thing. But I guess we can wait till we get a date set first. I will make another thread for a poll.
what do you mean, on the portal page of the site?
Originally posted by 350z@Aug 12 2004, 08:52 PM
what do you mean, on the portal page of the site?

Yes in that general area. Or where the announcent was for the last meet was.
Bump. Did someone erase my poll on who is going to the meet? I cant find that thread anymore. But just making sure that we can have this meet on the 25th of Sept so I can start making plans. I will make an announcent on my350 and 350zmotoring about it if this date is cool still.
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