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Hello everyone, this is GunmetalZ from the various 350Z boards. After getting a heads up from a fellow G driver I've come to notify of the official Holiday Z/G Meet.

The exact time might fluctuate, but the location/times are here:

Thursday, December 21st at 6:00pm down at Sykart (go-karting, food, etc). There is a number of people already willing to come thus far:

The address and website of Sykart is HERE:

17450 West Valley Hwy
Tukwila, WA 98188
TEL: 425-251-5060

1. GunmetalZ (me) (Z)
2. My friend Eric with his VW Turbo GTI
3. first350 (Z)
4. drivesolo (maybe) (Z)
5. 05Zeattle (maybe) (Z)
6. IronMedic (Z)
7. icedoutis (Z)
8. Spiffyguitar (maybe) (Z)
9. Triple8Sol (G)
10. davboy (Z)

I'm hoping all of you guys can make it too, it's the Holidays and the more the merrier!!!

If you need to contact me you can do so here:

AIM: GunmetalZ33
MSN: [email protected]
Email: [email protected] (yeah, i need to change my MSN email sometime)

Thanks and I hope to see everyone there!!!

To keep yourselves updated, I suggest you check HERE as well, but I will update everything on every site I post so don't worry.
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