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The HKS CAMP System is an in-dash vehicle monitoring system that allows for multiple engine readings to be monitored to help “dial” in the vehicle for optimum performance on or off the track.

Analog Display – The analog display can indicate speed, RPM, gas mileage, fuel consumption and injector opening percentage. The CAMP includes peak data memorization and allows the scale to adjust according to current driving conditions.

Graph Display – This screen provides a data-recording feature that allows the user can evaluate driving conditions and engine performance. The feature of composing the graph by assigning any available data to X and Y, enables unique and special analysis.

Alarm Feature – This allows the user to set a designated limit for each data. CAMP will inform the user by sound and graph if any data passes the limit.

Digital Display – The bar graphs along with digital numbers indicate multiple data to simultaneously observe entire vehicle conditions.

Trip Function – This function provides five trip recorders that individually memorize the total driving distance, operation hours, fuel consumption and average gas mileage. This function can be used to manage vehicle maintenance, compare time and gas mileage between two different routes or managing driver information for long trips.

Fish Function – The fish function provides the opportunity to enjoy your driving experience in an entertaining way. Your driving technique, such as speed and gas mileage, changes the environment of the fish pond and affects the health of the tropical fish.

Friction Loss Calculation – CAMP calculates the friction loss and graphically displays the percentage of lost horsepower compared to genuine horsepower.


Graphical data created by a 32 bit RISK CPU.

HKS Peak Hold/Warning Meter sensors can be connected optionally. (Junction box and Sensors available separately.)

Video signal switch allows the user to change from the CAMP displays to video games, VCR or vehicle navigation system by using the remote controller.

Usually ships in 1-6 days. Moniter not included. In order to have a fully operational CAMP system, you must purchase the CPU, Junction Box and your intended sensors, as well as a screen. Other sensors available as special order from Japan.

If multiple items are purchased, shipping costs will be consolidated and rebated back to your credit card or Paypal account.

Item:  Price:  Shipping Cost: Purchase: 

HKS CAMP CPU $248.00  $9.00 
HKS CAMP Junction Box  $299.00  $9.00   
HKS water temp sensor with harness  $105.00  $6.00   
HKS oil temp sensor with harness  $105.00  $6.00   
HKS EGT sensor with harness  $135.00  $6.00   
HKS boost pressure sensor with harness  $135.00  $6.00   
HKS Volt harness  $5.95  $6.00   
HKS CAMP Package (includes CPU, Junction Box, EGT sensor, oil temp sensor, boost sensor and harnesses)  $905.00  $
This looks like something I am looking for, i'm looking for something that I can monitor everything with. I wish AEM would finish their EMS for us already, it's ridiculous. Any comments on this Management System?
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