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High Oil Pressure

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I have noticed that when I start my car and start driving for a few minutes the oil pressure is high almost pegging to 120 (the limit). After driving for a while goes down to normal readings. Is that normal since the engine os warming up or not? I dont know how long that has been going, I just noticed it a few days ago since I was fixing my radar when I came out of the garage and glanced at the gauges. Now a week ago I had my Kinetix V4 plenum installed, that shouldnt have anything to do with it right?
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Mine does the same thing. I figure that it has to do with the oil not being warmed up yet and once it does it thins out a bit and the pressure goes down.

Anyone else have some insight? Are we the only ones that notice this? I am curious as well.
Sounds accurate. Cars always have a higher oil pressure when cold...

In the 1st 5 mins of operation my oil pressure gets near 120 as well. Even after completely warm, under hard acceleration you should be approaching 100psi or so...

Normal warm cruising oil psi for me is around 60...
This is 100% normal and it is related to the oil temperature. Cold oil is more less viscous, so it causes higher pressure. Also, note that oil weight changes your pressure. When I run 10w30 warm and at idle, my pressure is 30 psi. When I run 5w30 warm and at idle, the pressure is just under 30, maybe 27 psi.
yeah, nothing to worry about
perfectly normal.

it also represents that your oil is "cooled".

don't abuse the car until it's at normal water AND oil temp.

"normal" pressure is an indication that your oil temp is warmed up a bit.
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