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Hi Guys,

I have a 2008 track coupe with the VQ35HR, about 60,000km. Recently had the car service and the mechanic recommend I have the throttle body cleaned due to the build up of dust. Since having the TB clean, the car is now idling high in neutral gear.

Idle starts very high (2200 rpm). Used to start high, but not this high.
Settles at about 1500 after 30 seconds.
When the car is warmed up, idle fluctuates between 1500-2000 (feels like the car is accelerating by itself)
Horrible jerks when it gets back to the 1500 mark and is in gear.

The mechanic have tried:
Disconnected battery for 48 hours
Pedal dances: ECU reset, accelerator learn, TB learn, Idle Air Learn (with engine up to temp and all electrical load off)
Swap the TB with second ones - still same issue.
Search for vacuum leaks.

They just can't get into the ECU since it's idling high in neutral.

Spoke to several other Nissan services centres to find out the issue, however none of them seem to have a real solution. Has anyone else face the same problem? This is been dragging on for over a month and this car is driving me nuts.

Please provide any ideas/feedback or solution or whom have gotten issue fixed before.

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