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:helpsmilie: "base model"

Ok I want the factory look but im confused. A friend of mine has the touring model and got it used with 3kmiles on it.
I'm not exactly sure that he hase the original factory hid bulbs installed. When he turns his lights on at night they are purple and then when they are warmed up they are more white. I doubt they are those 10000k or 12000k because they output alot of light and you can see everything.

ok my question..............

From my explanation are these stock factory hid bulbs or are they aftermarket replacement hid bulbs, and is this the normal behavior of a stock hid setup changing from purple when first on to a whiter brighter color when warmed up.

second I'm trying to choose a hid kit that is right for me because i cant seem to see that well at night. What I want is some sort of trade off. I want a purplish hid color but dont want to sacrifice light, but want it similar to what i have stated.

I know it might be difficult because i dont have stock projectors so what do i do.

iv'e been looking at xenondepot's 6000k standard kit with the phillips parts and the extreeme 6500k kit that seems to have the affect i want but with other brand name parts.

I emailed xenondepot about this and here was there response......................


Thank-you for contacting XenonDepot.

As per your email:

1) The main differences between the Xtreme line and XenonDepot line are:

- The Xtreme line uses Asian components whereas the XenonDepot line uses German made Philips components.
- The Xtreme line is geared for people that are more interested in colour temperature as opposed to light ouput.

Please view this link for information regarding colour temperature:



so with that being said is there that much difference between 6000k and 6500k ?????????????????

6000k is like 20 percent dimmer compared to 4300k according to the website.

Any insight on this.

By the way I heard that the stock hid bulbs on the Z are 4300k, but i doubt it will look the same since i dont have the hid projectors, or am i wrong.

Really want the stock look with out ordering stock parts so that it doesnt stand out like a sore thumb to cops.

Thanks in advance


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I had the same question most people have, how do you get the purple effect from certain angles, like the bmws and acuras. well I FINALLY found out the bulbs are 4300K oem but what makes the purple effect is the actuall projector itself. It has some sort of film or the glass itself, That explains why some cars just look white/blue but no purple effect and all bmws have the effect.
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