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Hi guys

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Hi guys...

just want to say Hello...

I currently drive a done up Nissan S15 and I want to upgrade to a 350z Track.

If I wish to get one around 53,000 dollars...

Is there anything you guys think I should look out for when I buy the car???

Thanks... :yourock:
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hello there and Welcome.

I'm sure you can get that amount on used car. especially in private seller.

You looking for Specific colour? Range of km?

Plus where you from? :)
Just the general stuff as there are no major problems. So check:
- gearbox to see if it's crunching in any gears (which is a sign of worn synchros)
- brake disks to see if they are scarred (ie. heat burns) as if they are then they might be warped which means that you'll need to machine them or even replace them.
- Front tyres to see if thery have uneven wear. If so then you'll need new front tyres and get the car aligned.

Besides then just look at the condition of the body and interior ... as I mentioned, I don't think there are any major issues with the Zed cars.
I am from Sydney .....

I want to buy one that have no more than 30000ks.....Manual and I want it clean and straight....

Can anyone tell me why is there so many 'Silver' 350 on the trading it somthing wrong with the colour?? people want to sell them...

I currently pay around $3200 for my s15 insurance since I am only 23...does you guys have any ideas where I can get good price insurance???

Sorry guys for the questions...
There's nothing more wrong with the silver than any other colour (OEM Nissan paint is pretty shithouse across the board). However, they have been the most popular colour for the car to come in, despite the "Sunset LeMans" being the hero colour that they used in a lot of promo shots down here.

The majority of Aussie members here own the Platinum coloured one. The first cruise we had, there was nothing but silver Z's.

Anyway, good luck with the purchase. They're not too bad a car, but very different to the Silvia.

Are you selling your S15, or keeping it as a company "demo car"? One of my colleagues is in the market.
Heya [flyn]!

Welcome to the board ... I just bought a 2nd hand 350Z 2 weeks ago in Sydney myself! :)

I asked the same question you did... so search for "inspecting 350Z" and you'll see some good answers there... main thing is take whatever car you're thinking og buying to Peter Pilkington on New South Head Rd in Rushcutters Bay (@ the Shell staton between AMG dealer and BMW)

You could buy a Track with under 30,000kms for 50k (in stock form) no problem. Best of luck!
Otherwise, if you've got a track record of visiting Joshua then you can always ask him for his opinion. He also works on a Z33 racecar.
Well....I am selling my S15....

follow will be a stock 350z.....

Is it hard to look for one with the Rays wheels....
Oh and for insurance... depends on what rating you are. I am 24, rating 1. I am paying $2000 with RACV (NRMA was cheapr by about $100) and Just Car is even cheaper, btuthey don't allow by the month.
Yeah insurance can be a bitch im 23 with NRMA (for the moment) and I started on $3500 then they put it up to ~$4500 for no reason, but I got it down by a hundred or so just recently, but it was so little I didnt even notice.

A word or warning:

PICK AN INSURANCE COMPANY THAT ALLOWS ALL MODIFICATIONS, it will say you trouble down the track.
Mate, SILVER's just the common colour. Go for GOLD!

H - here's your chance to unload the RED thing!



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Hi guys..I got quoted full insurance for 1900.00....os that OK?

from just cars.
im 23 and paying $1600 through RACV, im a rating 1 (never made a claim). I never had any problems in the past with mods, my 156 was modded like crazy incl. a 15K ICE setup

it pays to have an old man who's an insurance broker :)

flyn i personally wouldnt go silver, theres just too many of them. If ur planning on visual mods, id go either the blue or white, blue especially looks really nice with a kit

Wouldn't think having a father who's an insurance broker would help when insuring with RACV as they only deal direct with the public and not through intermediaries.
nope my dad underwrites for RACV

OT here.... sorry guys... since you are talking about the insurance right now... I am wondering to know how much does it cost to insure a Ferrari, that's say 360 spider that you have there?! This is the question that I would really want to know mate!


Depends on where you live, your rating, your age and that of any other drivers.

For comparison, I insure through Allianz and pay approx $1800 pa and I am 35 and rating 1 (max no claim bonus), for my Touring Z. Inciddentaly, Allianz had my car listed as a Track model, so I told them it was a cheaper Touring model, but they did not reduce my premium, despite reducing the amount of cover for the Touring over the Track by about $5K!
Also, Allianz was the cheapest insurer for me as the others were $2000+. Of course, I could have accepted a $2000 excess with AAMI instead of the standard $500 excess and the premium would have been reduced to about $1,100.
Let me know about the S15. May have a buyer for you
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