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Hey everyone, I'm new :)

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:shiftdrive: <----- that's me leaving my350z

hey everyone ... just figured I would say hey and I will probably be around a lot here.

my350z is just sucking lately and its getting to me ... I have been lurking here for a lil' while, so I guess I am becoming a convert.

I just hope we keep on growing and growing. I would love to see more knowledgeable people show up for some entertaining discussion to help pass the time at work .. I mean my lunch hour :p

take care guys and gals,

here is a link to my garage that I made for my car

however I cant get any pics to work for me since my retardulated work comp only wants to make all my pics from jpg to bmp .. so they are huge :) anyone wanna help
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You can email them to me if you want and I will try to help out. I will pm you my email address....

And welcome! :shiftdrive: :wavey:
welcome to the forum Jim
welcome to the forum bro! good to see you here. :welcome:
Welcome and congrats on becoming a convert. :lol:

I thought that if you could save the file as something else, it gives you a new box where you can choose file type. Right click on the pic or file, then click on save file as...then use the pulldown menu to select the file extension.
ok .... I think I have got this working ... pics coming soon :)

for now, we can admire my "picture from the blue lagoon" - chad

Welcome Jim! :cheers:
welcome to the forum :cheers:

seems to be a lot of people coming over
Wow Jim your car is beautiful!
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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