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Somebody please tell me how to turn off the bloody "forum notification . . ." **** that fills my in-box all the time. I've tried everything, but still they come - like a plague of locusts every time I open the e-mail.

Fuggen, as H says.



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Click "My Controls" in the top right hand corner. Then look on your left and you'll find something that says "email settings". When you click on it, click on the last button under "Board Preferences". The last tab will say "Enable 'Email Notification' By Default"
Then you'll need to go to your "Subscribed threads" and unsubscribe to all of the ones that you do not want email notifications for.
What's the point of checking "Email notification by default" and having a "no email notification" option?

I've been wondering why I haven't been getting notification emails.....I swore I checked this and set it to immediate.
Thanks, mate - but "wears me subscribed treads?"


:dunno: :dunno: :dunno:
HARRY - wenner yer gunna get yer tupperwear thingo japper out fer a drag?

How's this fer a paint job?

Why don't yer get yer red devil Z done like this?



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I can still only see two cylinders!

Shizzle, as previously advised, I have sold the Japper.

With the operation I had (no not that one, the other one) it wasn't "safe" for me to ride any more.

As far as your problem with the forum goes. Go into "my control" thingo and it is on the RHS near the bottom (Subscriptions, topics and froums).

As always

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Looking good!
Only need 2 when they're over 1000cc EACH!

Goin' ter the drags at the creek sometime soon - takin' a spare pair of undies too!

"Bit worried about pullin' 350kg of yankee iron up with the piddlin' little brakes.

Here goes nuthin!



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Well I can't find subscribed threads and i've unticked the bloody "e-mail by default" - i'd think that the way it reads that ticking it is whats required.

Anyway, cant find the subscribed thing-o - if I can't find the answer soon i'll change me bloody address or go back to the dark side.

Fuggen fed up. Friggin computer nerds can't think logically - hence this ****.

Like "add this attachment" - if you didn't want to add it, why the fuggen **** would you go to all the trouble to find it and open it"?

H - yhere's no "subs., topics, forums bottom rhs my screen!


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Shizzle, I'll go through it step by step for you my old mate.

1. Up the top of the page, right in the middle, there is a thing that says "My Controls", click on it.
2. On the LHS (scroll down) there is a heading called "Subscriptions". This has two sub headings, View Topics and View Forums. Click on the View Forum button.
3. A thing will come up that says "welcome to your control panel" and in it will be listed the forums you have subscribed to.
4. On the far RHS of the box there is a little blank square, click on that square for all of the forums you have subscribed to.
5. Just under the list of the forums is a drop down menu, one of the choices is Unsubscribe. Select that and push enter.
6. Da -dah!

If that doesn't work, ring me tomorrow at work and I will go through it with you.

Also, whenever you post something make sure you uncheck the box that says "enable email notification of replies".

As always

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HARRY, me old mate! Thank goodness someone looks after me.

I take back all the nasty things I said about you, too.

(But that's excluding the opinion about the unfortunate colour of your car, and the remarks about you tupperware bike, and . . . . ).


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