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I am having a difficult time putting the HID bulb(original) back into the headlight unit, any member willing to share some tips to help me.

I took off the HID low beam bulb from the head unit by loosen the clamps. Then when I try to put the bulb back in, I had a difficult time getting the clamps to tighten down the bulb.

I notice the HID bulb's base has a semi-circular and a square cutout that should match up with the base head unit, I made sure they're matched up, but the clamps seems to be preventing the bulb to slide in properly, it's almost like the clamps are in the way?!?

Sorry I don't have pics with me to show this.

Anyone who has success with putting HID bulbs back into the headlight unit, any tips on dealing with those clamps?

Thanks in advance.
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