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Help Please

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I need some help please.

To cut a long story short I had to have an operation and haven't driven my car for three weeks, until today.

At first the car wouldn't run, it would kick over then stop. After a few goes it started and I let it idle for a couple of minutes.

Took off down the road for a drive around the block (as I'm still not supposed to drive for another three weeks) and the malfunction, slip and another light came on. The car the wouldn't rev beyond 1500 revs.

How the **** do I fix this please?

Thanks for any help!

As always

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After coming back from holiday when I cranked my car after it's been sitting still for 4 weeks there were some bad knocks and I could feel the car move and the engine ran very rough for a second. My guess was that all of the oil drained to the sump, now it's back to normal and I didn't have any issues since.

If I was in your sittuation I would do as mickyboy says.
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