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Car: 2003 350z 6spd with 200k miles

Issue: car accelerates very slowly and is down on power throughout the entire rev range. No CEL

  • Car used to also bog down even more at ~5k. I cleaned MAF and that fixed this
  • Did compression test and all cylinders are good (~185). Three coils and plugs were swimming in oil. Should they be replaced?
  • There is some rattling in exhaust. Cats could be blown?
  • Car smokes a lot when accelerating and on startup
  • Car turned off while taking videos for diagnosis. I just clutch kicked it back on and it was fine

Here is a video of full throttle acceleration

Any idea on what the issue might be? Or how I can diagnose?

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Welcome- here's a few thoughts: even without a CEL, it's worth scanning the ECM to see if any codes are held in memory. Second, did you replace the valve covers (and seals) when changing plugs? Oil doesn't help sparkplugs function. Have you done a leakdown test to determine the cause of the smoking?
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