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Help - Defi Sensor Intall

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Sorry for the dumb question, I'm installing an oil filter sandwich plate in order to hook up the Defi oil pressure and oil temp sensors, if I use the sandwich plate without an oil cooler and I setup by placing the sensors, one in each of the 3/8NPT in and out ports does this restriction the oil flow? or must I connect the two ports into a loop simluating an oil cooler and place the sensors into 'T' pieces in the loop. I could tap into the APS sump for the oil temp, the oil pressure is another story as the APS TT as put a 3 way connector into the exsiting oil pressure port in the engine block for suppling oil to the Turbo's, so the oil filter sandwich plate seemed to be the solution plus I'll add an oil cooler later anyway. All I need to know is which is the correct way to use the adpator plate, does blocking both ports restrict the oil flow to the filter and the engine?

I hope this all makes sense!

Thanks :shiftdrive:
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No worries all I've found the answer on this site :-

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