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Help Decoding the VIN

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Can someone tell me how to decode a VIN on a 350Z? I think i've figured out the following:


J= Made in Japan
N = Nissan
1AZ34 not sure, but all 350Zs have this
D/E = D front air bags only, E side bags
xx = not sure
T/M = not sure, but maybe build location, seems to be T for 03 and most 04s, M for 05+
yyyyyy = not sure

Anyone know how to read a Nissan VIN and can tell me what xx and yyyyyy are?
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J = Japan
N = Nissan
1 = Car
A = VQ35DE engine
Z3 = Z33 (350Z/Fairlady)
4 = 2-door hatchback
D = Airbags and 3-point seatbelts
Thanks! This also answers my other question about Tochigi built 350z's vs. Oppama (T vs. M in the VIN!)
i posted this a long time ago, here is the link
Yes, I can help you decode the VIN on a 350Z. Here's a breakdown of what each section of the VIN means:
Country of Origin: The first digit of the VIN indicates the country where the vehicle was manufactured. A "J" in the first position indicates that the vehicle was made in Japan. Manufacturer: The second and third digits indicate the manufacturer of the vehicle. The 350Z was manufactured by Nissan, which is represented by the letters "N" and "A" respectively. Plant Code: The ninth digit represents the assembly plant where the vehicle was built. Production Sequence Number: The last six digits of the VIN are a unique production sequence number assigned to each vehicle as it comes off the assembly line.

By decoding the VIN on your 350Z, you can visit for VIN number check and determine important information about the vehicle, including its country of origin, manufacturer, model, engine size, and production details.
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