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HELP Car just stop going when i was racing someone

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OK so i was playing with the scion tc dont ask why well he asked for it. So i pass him when he was going really fast and then he started following me. Then i was driving at like 5k rpms turned off vdc i oculd just leave him. AND holy **** my car dropped to 4k rpms then to 1k and i couldnt go anywhere all my lights were blinking and i thought i had stalled although i don tknow how. Then all of a sudden the car kicked back on and i started going again and the scion pulled over to talk but i was alredy to pissed at my car and trying to figure out wtf went wrong. HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE im so mad. I feel bad to cause i would have liked to talk to him but i was so worried bout my car.
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Weird.. what mods do you have?? Intake by any chance?
sounds like the ECU went into safe mode.. not sure what would cause it.. it has happened to me a few times in my 2003, and there is another thread on this very topic
i called the dealer waiting to hear back but yeah i have the pop charger. BUt it was when i was accelerating not decelerating like the pop charger causes
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