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So I have dislexea so this going to be a hard one hope I can get help........ So I was driving about 2 months ago the throttle position sensor code came on I cleared it car acted fine I was driving the other day and as I was trying to hit the throttle the gas really didn't do anything it kind of felt like it had a dead pedal but it got me to my buddy's house I put it in park yes it's an auto you can bash me later I put in park I gave it a little bit of a REV and floored it and didn't even bring the RPM over a thousand RPM check the code the only codes that came on was the not setting reset the computer that it reset for over 2 hours try to start the car and nothing what should I do and where should I go from here I am a mechanic savvy so I do know what I'm doing but I don't really know this car too too well but I had it for 2 years this the first time I've ever had this type of problem plz let me know
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