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hay guys just chasing a data log to compare to mine I'm interest in the cam timing and cam sol percentages plus engine temp and rpm mine are not making sense

so basically I'm getting dtc p0011 p0021 p0340 p0345. sensors (cam bank 1 and 2, crank) ivt sol, timing chain have all been replaced and wiring harness checked and code still persist
with a vacum gauge on the engine im getting 18-21 inches of mercury, so that says the valve timing is fine
but with nissan data scan 2 the cam timing is -16 degrees at idle and operating temp and I believe its meant to be between -5 and 5 but with ive read could be wrong so if some can run or has a data log so i can compare to a properly running car that would be awesome

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I cant speak to what nissan has in the OEM tune but my I idle around 14 degrees of timing. I dont think I’ve ever seen an engine run such little timing at idle…that makes no sense to me.
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