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I installed the Stop-Tech stage 2 upgrade a few days back. So far I have put on a couple hundred miles. I did the brake in procedure and everything seemed good. Now since the weather is better, and the windows are down, and my new shoes are on, I have two issues. One is that the brakes are squealing everytime I brake, and all the way to a stop. Second, is all four of my new rims are getting a pretty heavy dose of what seems to be brake dust. I am going to add a better coating of anti-squeal, but what is up with all the dust? I used all the original spacers and plates that were on the stock pads. did I miss something? Need to fix this NOW!!!!
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try putting a coat of wax on the wheels. it will make ie easier to clean. the hawks are suppose to dust less.
Did wax the wheels. Not the problem.
I too had massive amounts of churned up brakes after the first week of driving on new ST bbk. I have not installed the hawks, but the dust has gotten a lot better. I swear it looked like tar had dripped down into my wheel wells. I have slotted rotars so I know there's a lot of dust. I put a heavy wax on my wheels and got a wheel brush from works much better then my hand. The wax (looks like soft butter, works like a dream) helps a lot. Good luck. Only thing I can seay is drive faster and stop harder. The squeal goes away after the brakes are warm.
My squeal get worse as the pads heat up.
I have bad squeal with the hawks too, and it is only when the brakes are heated up.

My Fix.... A new set (front and rear) of EBC Greenstuff Pads. Will let you guys know how they go.
yeah, hawks squeal a bit. don't matter if warm or cold they squeal. i do not notice it as much anymore but it does it now and then, not everytime. as for the dust, mine do get a bit dusty, but it takes a **** of alot longer to dust up the rims compared to stock.
All four rims will be covered in a layer of dust within about 10 minutes of driving. And it gets worse as I drive. So far it is 10 times worse than stock
I have the Hawk pads on my 350 and i only notice the squeak when im not going very fast and not braking very hard. As for the brake dust, its a great improvement over the stock pads.
Did you take the shims off the Hawk pads and replace them with your OEM ones? If so, you shouldn't have.
No, I did not take the shims off the hawk pads. I used everything. I think I am going to try and bed them again.

I have a few questions which may help you...

-What type of Hawk Pads are you running? They offer about 10 different compounds from "race only" to street. The "race" type pads will definately shed more dust than the street pads due to their compounds.

-What rotors are you using? Are they cross drilled and/or slotted? If so, these rotors are designed to clean the surface of the pads resulting in more brake dust.

I don't think bedding the brakes again is going to do anything. Bedding is accomplished within the first few minutes of driving on new pads and is only done to make sure the pads friction surface and the rotor's surface are perfectly parallel to each other so the maxium about of friction interaction between them is obtained.

If you think re-bedding is going to help, then do it this way:
-get to 35mph
-w/light pedal pressure slow the car by 5-10 mph (repeat 10 times with 1/3 mile of driving to cool the pads/rotors)
-drive at a moderate speed afterwards to slowly cool everything off
-go easy on the pad for about 300 or so miles (ie no panic/high speed stops)

Let me know what pads and rotors you are running and I might be able to help you further. Good luck. Brakes can be tricky sometimes.

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As a general rule of thumb,

less dust = more squeal
less squeal = more dust
socalsean [Sean] has provided some very good information along with asking some pertinent questions to consider.

I coated the shims with some anti-squeal material and I also bedded them properly.

However, when I installed the Hawk HPS pads on my Z, I utilized the original NISSAN OEM shims with the new pads. Whether or not that made any siginificant difference in the final results is anyone's conjecture.

My Results:
NO Squeal and NO dust. :cheers:

Thanks frankmusic!

As far as shims go, as long as they fit the pad they should do their job. The anti squeal goop is also important. The kit should have come with some sort of goopy adhesive to "glue" the shims on the back of the pads. Do everything by the book and it should sto a lot of your problems.

I dont know what you all are talking about. One stop-tech, atleast on mine, had me installing the rotors backward(Slots going the wrong way) I did not follow their directions at all. Put the rotors on the way they were supposed to be and put lines and pads on. You have to take it very easy on them for the first few hundred miles to let them break in properly. Dont just go by the pads saying to slam on the brakes after install. Just do a good job bleeding the fluid and take it easy for a while. I have had mine now for 500 miles and they stop on a dime with no noise and hardly any brake dusting.

I just recently replaced the fronts (non-brembo model) with HAWK HPS pads. I had a problem with a loss of brake pressure, but that magically dissapeared (must have been an air bubble in the brake lines).

Also, I have been driving the Z for about 4 weeks since I had these pads put on, and have noticed a significant difference in brake dust. My rears still have the stock pads, and we all know how bad the stock rear pads dust (not too bad at all). Without washing her, my fronts are now cleaner than my rear wheels. I am amazed that these pads worked so well for me. Definitely recommend these for anyone looking to solve the brake dust issue.
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