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Hawk or Greenstuff

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Like so many others I've had enough of the dust that the standard brake pads produce so am going to get the fronts replaced. I believe either Hawk or Greestuff are the ones to get.

So my question is which one? I've been told the Greemstuff pads will cost me around $200 for the front pair. I don't know what the Hawks are worth.

Any experiemce with these?

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I tried the Greenstuff on my MX-5 once. If you think the stock Zed pads are dusty you ain't seen nothing yet. The greenstuffs were the dustiest pads I've ever come across and it as a black dust.

Apparently the quality on the EBC pads varies a fair bit between batches so maybe I just got a bad set but I won't use them again.
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