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Hawk or Greenstuff

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Like so many others I've had enough of the dust that the standard brake pads produce so am going to get the fronts replaced. I believe either Hawk or Greestuff are the ones to get.

So my question is which one? I've been told the Greemstuff pads will cost me around $200 for the front pair. I don't know what the Hawks are worth.

Any experiemce with these?

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Well, thanks guys but there's obviously a lot of different views/opinions out there. So far I've gleened...based on my frequent cleaning, how bad are the standards?...Some have had good, some bad, experiences with Greenstuff pads, same for Hawks, there's some others in there for good measure, and I'm not a great deal closer to a decision.

Still, don't get me wrong I really appreciate your input guys. :doh:

Oh, and I just realised I hate AntonioB 'cause he's had better cars than I'll ever have! :yourock:

Anyway, Iggy Type R is somewhat right in that I do wash my car regularly but I also worry that, on the odd occasion I can't wash my car on the weekend, I do worry about the damage the dust is doing to the wheels. (Past experience.) So it is not just that I spent $7k on wheels and tyres and they look dirty the day after I wasked them!

Soooo, I'm going to go the Greenstuff pads and will detail exactly how they go with everyday driving as there's no track work with mine.

Thanks guys, I really like getting your input.
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Hi Guys,

Well, I wart ahead & got Some Greenstuff pads the other week. So far they're not too bad although I have had some squealing which is a bit annoying. They do throw less dust & I will Keep you posted on the noise side of things. As I had the disks machined at the Same time so hopefully they settle in & stop squeaking.

1 - 3 of 28 Posts
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