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Had an argument with a concrete pole in the garage

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I'm a dumbass. While backing up to turn around in the parking garage this morning, I had an argument with a concrete pole. The result? A nice crumpled rear fender and bumper.

Insurance agent: "What color is your car?"
Me: "Silver with custom white stripes."

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**** John. I'm sorry to hear that. That totally blows.
I know what you mean about the ins. How do you think my insurance co is going to feel about renewing me after $18K??? LOL
:wacko: jinxxy -

Aside from that one unfortunate accident, how is your driving record otherwise? If it's clean, you won't have any problem getting renewed, but your premium will go up (be surcharged) for the next 3 years.

My mom, who is elderly now, gets in a fender bender about once a week. Never anything serious, but as you know, paint and body work is not cheap. I can't believe that AAA has not canceled her policy, but they just keep renewing it. God knows what she pays for that insurance.
It's alive!

That is all.
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