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Check this out........this car is ssooooooo freaking awesome
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****! Sold out! I was ready to buy!
Just wait for the next limited run they do with this coming GTR...should only be a few years maybe triple the price of the car if not more. :nana:
I can buy a Z-Tune in Australia and get it complianced for road use.

If only I could afford it.
I remember there was one on ebay right after they came out that they wanted 180K usd for it, and that was before importing and legalizing.
From the numbers I've found the new Z06 did it four seconds slower then the V Spec II Nur. But I haven't found anything official.
Alot of these lap times that are on the internet I don't see how they can be 100% credible. Most companies are doing their testing on closed track days when they rent out the ring for testing. The car's that are only a few seconds faster than the others are probably going to feel exactly the same to the average driver that purchases them from the showrooms. Since the times are from different drivers, in different conditions, and most likely with different timing equipment I wouldn't consider them scripture.

Even after all that I'd still like to see some new spy-shots of the GTR on the ring, it really got everyone excited when the first set came out.
Exactly. If a development driver says that a car is a bit hairy to control, as in the case of the C6 Z06, that might be something of a bad sign. The GT-R will probably be easier to deal with in comparison, due to awd and a more conventional suspension setup. True, the GT-R may get active ride, but it's more conventional than a transverse leaf spring.
This just reminds me of an episode of Top Gear when they went on for a good ten minutes about how the corvette still has leaf spring suspension.

I'm not saying the lap times mean nothing, just that when a car is coming in +-5 seconds to another car I don't think anyone should be dropping their jaws at how much better a performer it is.
1 - 5 of 55 Posts
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