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Check this out........this car is ssooooooo freaking awesome
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I wish there was a way to find out what the Z-Tune ran, so that it could be compared to the goal of 7'45" for the new GT-R.
From the numbers I've found the new Z06 did it four seconds slower then the V Spec II Nur. But I haven't found anything official.
The C6 Z06 was slower? It ran ~7'43", so the V-Spec II Nur ran ~7'39"? That's kind of a stretch imho. The new 997 GT3 runs that, and not only does it weigh a good bit less than an R34, but with ~415hp, it's got an advantage in grunt, too.

I wouldn't be suprised if perhaps the GT-R can at least match the Z-Tune in terms of power to weight, if not outright power. After all the carbon fiber and other weight saving measures NISMO used, the Z-Tune still weighs the same as a stock R34. This is because of the extensive chassis bracing used to stiffen the car. The 350Z's FM platform is much stiffer in stock form, and the newer versions(Fuga, and now new V36 Skyline) will only be better. Hopefully Tamura and his crew can just focus on cutting weight, rather than having to increase rigidity much.

Even if the GT-R comes up short in the power to weight, it should definitely be ahead in terms of torque. The GT-R's VQ will be at least 3L, giving the displacement and torque advantage. If the rumors of 3.5-3.7L are true, then torque ought to be around 500lb-ft, maybe more(JGTC 3L produces 520lb-ft!).
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something else to note, as i reiterate this schtick here: if Lotus is also developing, at least heavily influencing, the chassis/monocoque (as this is part of the suspension system, really), the GTR will be feather-light, relatively speaking. perhaps lighter than the 350Z. this should take care of the Z06.
I also figure a better handling/more compliant suspension will give the GT-R an advantage in handling, as well as driver confidence.

That 7'43" run by the Z06 was in the hands of Jan Magnussen, a driver for the C6R, which is very close to the C6 Z06. Not only did he say that the run was kinda hairy and that he wouldn't be comfortable going faster, but given Magnussen's qualifications, there probably aren't many people who could drive the car as fast as him, let alone faster.

The GT-R's ultimate performance will probably be more easily accessible to a wider range of people. In the hands of a seasoned pro or the development driver, the GT-R might be able to topple the Z06.
Dirk definitely wasn't driving the Z-Tune proto. It was some guy named Tanaka.
as far as the feeling part goes, two cars can do a track in the same exact time and feel completely different in the process. one car may be easier to push to the limits for example.
Exactly. If a development driver says that a car is a bit hairy to control, as in the case of the C6 Z06, that might be something of a bad sign. The GT-R will probably be easier to deal with in comparison, due to awd and a more conventional suspension setup. True, the GT-R may get active ride, but it's more conventional than a transverse leaf spring.
This just reminds me of an episode of Top Gear when they went on for a good ten minutes about how the corvette still has leaf spring suspension.
The thing is, Jeremy and Co. didn't explain how the leaf spring suspension actually used a transverse mounted monospring made from composite. It's nothing like the leaf spring setups on the prams and midieval oxcarts Jeremy mentioned. The monospring is actually kind of advanced, since it saves so much weight. It still handles very well, too. Unfortunately, a downside of having only one spring for both sides of the car is that it doesn't react well enough to bumps.

evo drove a Z06 and a Roush-modified Mustang, and said that of the two, the Z06 was scarier on bumps, feeling like it was the car with the live-axle rather than the Mustang. In another test where one of the criteria was top speed at GM's Mibrook proving ground, the testers nearly lost control in the 170mph range because the minor bumps unsettled the Z06.
You know, inspiration for the Z tune's fenders came from the 350z fenders believe it or not. Try to notice the similarity. I bet you they took the 350z fender and just fitted it onto the R34 by reshaping.
Hmm, I don't know about that. There are race GT-Rs(not JGTC) that used the same type of fender in the past. Check out the Falken R34 GT-R that they used for the Nurburgring 24hr race.
I noticed it and asked a few ppl on IM, and they agreed. There's nowhere online that says it, but there is a striking similarity. Since the Falken GT-R has been running with it since 2001, there must be some reasons to it. Can it be then that the aerodynamic design went on the 350z and then back to the GT-R?
I don't know. The 'pinch' in the GT-R fender does look like the 350Z's fender, but the GT-R's 'pinch' actually sticks out from the original body lines and has a small outlet for hot air in the back. I'm not sure that the Z's fender really serves any purpose like that.
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