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Check this out........this car is ssooooooo freaking awesome
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I can buy a Z-Tune in Australia and get it complianced for road use.

If only I could afford it.
Currently the fastest "production" car (and "loose" doesn't even cover the application of that term) is the Westfield XTR4.

It looks like a kit car because it is, but because Westfield churns them out in high enough numbers pre-built its consider a production car (just like the McLaren F1 used to be the world's fastest production car, but how many did they actually build?) it still counts.

I have the video somewhere of the run. I may post it later. The driver must have the world's largest balls, because that thing is twitchy as all **** and the suspension was set up for a smooth racetrack.....
R34 V Spec II NUR held the fastest lap time for a production car at the Nurburgring at 7:52, seven seconds quicker than the best R33. but i don't know the year. that time has probably been superceded by now.
The 7:59 R33 GT-R record is bogus. The car wasn't in production trim. It was one of the final development vehicles, and was running non-standard boost, Comp-R slicks and a full cage. Of course, that means it was basically a 400R (plus a cage).......

I'm not sure about the 7:52 time achieved by the R34, but technically that means the first "production" car to crack 8 mins was the Porsche 996 Turbo.

Still, I doubt the the 997 Turbo nor the new GT-R will be able to match the XTR4's sub 7 minute lap.
The Nur spec R34s are actually the "soft", grand touring models. Its the only models with leather, and the regular Nur has a softer suspension setup than the original GT-R. The V-Spec Nur has the V-Spec aero parts, but it still has leather and creature comforts etc....

The quickest "Nissan R34 GT-R" (i.e. non-Nismo) is the N1. Same engine as the Nur (well, they took the N1 setup which came out first) but without all the heaviness.
The official time for the original R34 (i.e. at first release) was 7:52. I'm not sure if its got R33-style caveats for its time though.

No idea about lap times for any of the other variants. I have seen no numbers published anywhere.

The N1 runs steel wheeled turbos and more boost, as well as all the V-Spec II aero, plus various other homologation parts to make it eligible for the N1 production car endurance racing series. So one can only assume that its faster than that 7:52, assuming the time was set in production trim. Or equalling that 7:52, if it wasn't.

As for that particular Z-Tune, as it says in the video it was also a development car. The head engineer of Nismo has said in an interview in the UK's "EVO" magazine that the hardware is good for 620ps, but then they'd hit emissions issues which is why it was throttled back to 500ps. So who knows what power the engine was making at the time? And what suspension setup and aero package it was using?
What pinched vent thing?
Ah, right.

Its not very pronounced on the Z, and those vents have been on various race cars for ages.
It sure looks like on the Z though. The Super GT 350z has it like the Z tune, its really aggresive.
So did the JGTC R34 Skyline cars, which came before the Z33.
Its probably more the squared off shoulder at the base of the A pillar that they're referring to.

On the roadgoing Z, it meets the bottom of the A pillar. On the Z Tune and the Super GT cars, its a vent.
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