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Check this out........this car is ssooooooo freaking awesome
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****! Sold out! I was ready to buy!
The GT-R's ultimate performance will probably be more easily accessible to a wider range of people. In the hands of a seasoned pro or the development driver, the GT-R might be able to topple the Z06.
You make it sound like the Z06 is the benchmark to which other cars are being judged. I don't know what sources you guys are using, but all this sounds moot when it boils down to technology and the driver. Does a few seconds really matter to the consumer who buys these cars? Probably not. I think I'd be happy to own the Z tune or GT-R no matter what.
regarding the z06 vs gtr argument,
the fastest recorded gtr nurburgring time is 7'59" for an R33. The R34 may be faster, but as far as anyone knows that hasnt yet been proven on the nurburgring. (ie no one can provide the date/driver/car/mods for a faster time)
the fastest z06 time is 7'42.9" this is well documented.

do those few seconds matter? that question is like asking if the quarter mile time matters. to some obviously it doesnt. after all, a vast majority of people who buy a given car cant take that car within 10% of its limits, enthusiasts included.

if you want to measure a car's ability to perform however, its a really good way to do it. and to many, this matters.
is the z06 the benchmark by which all other performance cars are measured? obviously not, but it is the best performance per dollar stock vehicle right now. anyone else making a sports car that tries to imply performance value will inevitably be compared against it.

having said that, im not a vette fan and dont think i'd ever buy one. but, i cant deny the performance/dollar. that car deserves a lot of respect. i dont see how any open minded person cant respect that car.

as for the upcoming gt-r, i only hope for a sub 8 minute time.
Oh, I respect the Vette. Very much so that I would like to own one someday (part of my stable). I definitely was not criticizing the Vette or any other major player in the sportscar world. I was just curious as to why.

The info being presented in this thread is great. I learn something new everyday. :cheers:

Dirk definitely wasn't driving the Z-Tune proto. It was some guy named Tanaka.
Maybe we should find.....

The Stig. :nervous:
The thing is, Jeremy and Co. didn't explain how the leaf spring suspension actually used a transverse mounted monospring made from composite. It's nothing like the leaf spring setups on the prams and midieval oxcarts Jeremy mentioned. The monospring is actually kind of advanced, since it saves so much weight. It still handles very well, too. Unfortunately, a downside of having only one spring for both sides of the car is that it doesn't react well enough to bumps.

evo drove a Z06 and a Roush-modified Mustang, and said that of the two, the Z06 was scarier on bumps, feeling like it was the car with the live-axle rather than the Mustang. In another test where one of the criteria was top speed at GM's Mibrook proving ground, the testers nearly lost control in the 170mph range because the minor bumps unsettled the Z06.
That's some scary ****. "Oh, hello. I need to turn away from the wall......NOW!"
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