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GT-R, Z/G engine swap

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I'm looking way ahead into the future. As some of yall know, gt-r test mules have been spotted here and there, with the g35 body. I think in like 7 years, skyline engine on a z/g will be an incredibly popular swap as sr26dett did with the 240. Discuss!!! :shiftdrive:
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I'm sure someone cough*Top Secret*cough will put another type of VQ in the new GT-R and probably the RB26DETT, now that would be cool. What's an SR26DETT? Over stroked and TT'ed or did you mean RB.
Well for those seeking reliabilty and duration, NA is the way to go. TT cars don't last as long, so I would see the reasoning behind upped liters, high compression to produce big power.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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