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GT-R - latest specs

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-I guess the rumor has it that it'll be closer to 500hp, rather than low to mid 400 (they said 480)
- it'll most likely will be the VQ35. At least the weaker engine components will be beefed up.
- They're shooting for low-mid 3 seconds for 0-60.
- possibility of boring the engine to 3.8
- TT for sure
- 70k (better than the previous 75k)
- awd - I'm curious to know about the top end performance
- 8500 rpm redline WOOHOO!
- 20" stock wheels
- 8:5:1 compression
- brembos
- 7 speed sequential w/paddle shift
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See the 997TT 480HP 0-60MPH in 3.2secs. Yes it is possible! Motor Trend tested the 0-60MPH in winter climates!
Also, there is new technology with turbos that keeps the turbos spooled at all times. This eliminates turbo lag, and makes full boost possible from the instant you put your foot on the gas.
1 - 1 of 44 Posts
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