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GT-R - latest specs

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-I guess the rumor has it that it'll be closer to 500hp, rather than low to mid 400 (they said 480)
- it'll most likely will be the VQ35. At least the weaker engine components will be beefed up.
- They're shooting for low-mid 3 seconds for 0-60.
- possibility of boring the engine to 3.8
- TT for sure
- 70k (better than the previous 75k)
- awd - I'm curious to know about the top end performance
- 8500 rpm redline WOOHOO!
- 20" stock wheels
- 8:5:1 compression
- brembos
- 7 speed sequential w/paddle shift
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SCM has what they call the "latest" specs, but I've heard about those specs since 2004. It's not the 'latest', it's just regurgitated rumors that weve heard in one form or another. But they are right on, or at least close to what we think will come out, although they really get their info from forums like us.
Anything right now claiming to have "latest specs" is obviously all rumors. I wish there was more information out about the car, fortunately it's less than a year and a half away.
I have to agree with Bonzelite, I don't see many if any similarities between the Z and the Proto that we saw in October last year. The only silhouette comparison that I've seen that has really looked plausible to me was the comparison between the "test-mule" spotted in Arizona and the rear profile of the Proto. I should hope that Nissan has a new platform for the GTR if it really is going to be as revolutionary as everyone is hoping.
to me, I don't think the new skyline look anything like the G or Z in any way. I just don't see any resemblence. It prolly looks like the new mustang, if anything
/runs away and dives for cover

I completely agree with you, in fact i remember seeing the very top secret lime green Mustang GTR in a video once, apparently it's sporting a rotary engine.

(whoever finds the video i'm talking about get's a cookie)
1 - 3 of 44 Posts
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