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GT-R - latest specs

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-I guess the rumor has it that it'll be closer to 500hp, rather than low to mid 400 (they said 480)
- it'll most likely will be the VQ35. At least the weaker engine components will be beefed up.
- They're shooting for low-mid 3 seconds for 0-60.
- possibility of boring the engine to 3.8
- TT for sure
- 70k (better than the previous 75k)
- awd - I'm curious to know about the top end performance
- 8500 rpm redline WOOHOO!
- 20" stock wheels
- 8:5:1 compression
- brembos
- 7 speed sequential w/paddle shift
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the G is closer to the GT-R than the Z, at least in dimensions.. the GT-R is a 4 seat coupe and rides on a longer wheelbase than the Z.
i agree with deathmage and bonzelite in that the gt-r doesnt look that much like the G/Z. the G/Z look more like each other than either do the GT-R.

as far as dimensions go, the comparison above is misleading becaues the gt-r has a longer wheelbase than the z, but in that comparison the wheelbases were held equal.
1 - 2 of 44 Posts
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