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GT factory lambo doors

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These are nice, I like how they open almost 90 degrees. $999 on ebay i've heard they'r really good.


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omg that looks pretty darn nice! =D
where on ebay what is the name for them? Do I need to add cable for the door speakers or anything?
i saw these on tuner racing for $999. Are they the ones from the pics above........if they are I will buy them right now? DOes the Gt kit require cutting the actual frame? 
Hey guys!
Here's an email that GT Factory sent me regarding putting the diablo door kit on my 2004 350Z coupe when I asked about an installer in Seattle WA. At the end is a few links about installing them (they need to be welded in) and a video of how the doors open (its not a 350z).

Sorry, but unfortunately we have no knowledge of any installers in that area. At the bottom of the page is a link to our installation guide. It has assisted many customers in searching for a custom shop to install our system.

Information on our Diablo door system,

Unlike the other door conversions, The Diablo system is
-Engineered to be three times stronger
-Designed for a universal fit and a quick install
-covered under a limited lifetime warranty
-the only kit on the market that goes 90 degrees vertical
-keeps doors straight up instead of hanging to the side
-Dual nitrogen gas lifts for each door rated at 300lbs of force
-has four infinitely adjustable points for the look and fit you want
-100% CNC machined 4130 chromoly steel construction
-Nickel plated for corrosion protection and show quality looks
-maintains factory safety and accessories
-Free install CD-Rom with over 130 high rez pictures

Here is a link to a tech article for our new Diablo hinge System Version 4.

You can check out the video of how the Diablo system performs here,

Order form & warranty sheet

Regards, David of GT Factory
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it cost $999 if buy direct from them to. No need to buy from ebay. I'll make a trip down to SD to have them install for me soon too.
i have no idea but 2 weeks ago, i called and they quote me $999. We have reseller permit then we will get another $200 off.
i have no idea but 2 weeks ago, i called and they quote me $999. We have reseller permit then we will get another $200 off.
I have the kit. i purchased it for my 2003 350z. I opted for the black carbon fiber door panels. in total, the whole package was $1900 and change. The major problem for me is that i live in Northern Michigan. NOBODY here has a CLUE how to install these! the door panels need some fabrication to get the door handles to fit. the welding requires alot of fine tuning to get the doors to shut properly. The best quote i got for the install was $1400!!! :doh: So if you really want these doors, i will GLADY sell ANYONE the kit plus the carbon fiber door panels for $1250, i'll even ship for FREE! email me at [email protected] if interested. I have the cd-rom and the brochure too. Everything is in its original packaging. I can send pics, or you can go to to see pics of the kit. Oh yea, the price is NEGOTIABLE! LOL! if you haven't noticed, i REALLY want to get rid of this kit. blissboss
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