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Greddy TT Install Complete / problems???

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So we finished up the TT install this weekend and it is everybit a PITA as I was told it was going to be. Here is my setup:

GReddy TT / Emanage - stock boost, untuned as recommended by Greddy.
Sheilded Crank Angle Sensor (thanks Charles /CJMortorsports)
Return Fuel w/ Walbro and Aeromotive FPR
NGK one Step colder plugs
Greddy EGT
Greddy Boost Gauge
Test Pipes
Stock Exhaust
93 Octane

There is an obvious increase of speed but I am not convinced that I am seeing the 330-350 whp that I should be. I suspect that since the Greddy kit was designed on a stock fuel setup, the fact that I have added the return system a Rising Rate regulator, it may be too rich under boost. The AEM readout only goes as low as 11.1 and anything below that it blanks out. During acelleration I see my AF drop continuesly to 11.1 and then i am assuming even lower than that since the gauge blanks out during the entire time at WOT. It feels great most of the way but when I get above 5500rpm it start to break apart and hesitate / sputter slightly, it doesnt feel like is making the power it should be on the top end but no check engine light or error codes from the emanage. The first run was the worst and then after turning down the Areomotive to 45psi at idle it improved but I can still feel the hesitation on the top end of RPMs. If my power goals are not going to exceed 350whp should I remove the fuel setup and go back to stock? Am I better to run the stock spark plugs and if so what gap. Even though I have not yet hit the Dyno I can tell it's not making the Hp and Torque it should, even with the 20" wheels I was able to chirp 1st to second (with VDC off) when I was N/A but now when I shift it does not feel like it is even coming close to breaking loose. Not that I want to spin my tires constantly but I know I have read that traction becomes an issue after going TT, but I am not experiencing that right now.

The boost readings (6lbs) and EGT (300c - 500c) all check out so I was leaning towards an A/F or spark plug issue. Am I even on the right track about this problem or is this a symptom of something bigger?

Any help is appreciated. Thank You.
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If you are going for 350 RWHP only then the fuel system is overkill, you could probably stick with just the fuel pump but still need to tune or change the MAPS and go for around 7 PSI or you might even be able to get that HP at your current PSI with just tunning depending on what other mods you have. The kit comes extremely rich so with you current setup you are probably overly rich which is resulting in your bogging down at higher RPM's.

I would stick with the colder plugs and go with the pressure harness so you can run the emanage off of boost rather than the MAF this will result in a very smooth running car and transition in power when you hit boost.
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