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Gotta Represent for Alabama 350Z/G35

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I'm here anybody else?
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just not yet, but soon there will be!!
Just 2 states over my friend!
Yo! My redefined brother! Those pics jason took turned out great! Add me to the list! :irock:
BTW you have a beautiful G!
It will be even more beautiful when I get done fixing your hood ;)
Thanks Dave
You get my first post!!
When is the next B'ham meet?
Originally posted by Baumer@Oct 31 2004, 09:03 AM
When is the next B'ham meet?

I'm with you. I'm ready for one. I should have my Z back by the 3rd week of November
so what happened to the last meet... we seriously need to get something together... i think if we can put are heads together we can get a real meet started... dun't ya think :welcome: well lets stay on it we can get something going
The last meet me and gumpdriver went to the Z1 grand opening. There were also 5-6 guys from Atlanta there. The weekend of the 13th I have a car show in Huntsville and the 21st is the Atlanta. The next weekend is thanksgiving..

What about the weekend after that?? It would be December 4th or 5th..
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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