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Got my KOYO radiator today

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And Fedex ****** it up..The box looked like somone drove over it with a truck and the radiator had 2 big dents in it...Dont know if it was damaged from the manufacturer or in shipment to me but is is really bad..Im waiting to see what Greg wants me to do with it..Oh well **** happens..
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just wait till you see what needs to be done when you install it!
well, it's definately not the "bolt on replacement" so many advertise it to be. Is it hard? Not particularly with some patience and time. Do some searches - there are a bunch of posts about it
I have found it makes ZERO difference who you ship with. This is not a small 5 or 10 person family business handling packages - these are large, multinational companies with a seemingly endless number of people interacting at any one time to get a package where it needs to go - problems can, and do happen, no matter what the carrier
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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