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Ok went out tonight in the Z and had some good runs,
1st, me and another 350z on 20's, 3 cars by beg of 4th

2nd, i ran a 03 maxima, not sure what mods, he had rims and summin.... and a Modded GTP, well from a 5 roll the gtp got the jump, then i caught him by 4th and passed him by a car by 100, the Maxima had about a car on me, i was catching him to be honest and i belive i woulda pulled.... but none the less he stoped at 100 and so a honest win.... good runs

3rd, me and Modded Wrx-and Bobby C in the TA, well from a 10 roll the TA Pulled like 10 cars by 100, and by 80 the wrx had a car on me, we ran later and from a 45 he had 2 cars by 120, he is a quick rex i will say....

4th on the way home a Ricey with a big can on back he revs so i procede to.... we run... 10 cars by 70, not alot there...

Good fun Bobby C, we will run one day when i have F/I, *BIATCH*

Im out....
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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