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going to time trial, what pads

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What do you guys like? I see Hawks HP+, Cobalt Sport and R4S as the option. Also should I do all 4 or just get 2? Can the stock rears handle it or do you think i will end up with too much front bias. thanks
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Hawk pads are the shiznit. I have just the fronts replaced, OEM in the back. Of course, I also have other upgrades for the brakes, but you'll do fine.

Time trials for what? Just remember not to boil your brake fluid... :nono:
car is brand new, dont think i will need to change the fluid yet, will probalby have to change it the next event
First, you WILL have to change the fluid. The stock fluid, even new, is not up to the heat generated on track. Put it this way, my rims exceed 300 degrees F after a track session. I don't even want to know how hot the calipers are getting. More on my fluid recommendation in a moment.

If you go with Hawks, get the HP+ and only run them on the track. Don't get the HPS for track use. They are an awesome street pad, but not that awesome on the track. They are good for auto-x through.

I use the Ferodo DS2500 on the track. They could be used on the street, but they can be noisey. They have amazingly flat torue at any temperature. They have a great initial bite. And I have never had any fade with them. Check out the torque graphs for this pad at

If you need fluid, I recommend buying Ate (pronounced Ahh-Tay) Super Blue and Ate Typ 200. They are basically the same fluid, but one is amber and one is blue. That way, when you switch the fluids, you will know when the new fluid reaches the caliper because of the different color. A quart runs about $10 and you will need about a quart or each for a full switch (2 would be better). You can get the fluids at
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I've got Motul DOT 4 fluid along with braided brake lines. From what I've heard, what I have is a good setup for tracking. This info came from Sosa on Motoring.

Hunter, if I would've known about the Ate SB fluid, I probably would've gotten that instead.
I just ordered F&R Cobalt Friction GT Sport pads. $200 shipped for them. I have 9000 miles on my car. I plan to reuse my rear rotors, but I will rub it lightly with sandpaper before i install pads. I was going to order new front rotors, but they are not available.
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