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Going to heaven today if anyone would like to join

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Hey 350 ppl. Im heading down to deals gap/ tail of the dragon for an afternoon of driving the z. I'd love if some other 350's wanted to come and do some cruze throughs with me. I'll be in the PPW z
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I hope you take pics and have stories to tell.
Are you familiar with the rock slide situation? (We had a few people come to ZdayZ that ended up having to take a very long detour because they didn't know about the slide.)
I'm thinking that coming from NC he will be OK - it is those of us from the north that faced the detour on the way in :dunno:
wow.... so this was my first time at the gap and it was more bank turns and chaos than I could have imagined!!!! i'll be sure to get pics and some vids up asap. No rockslide problems from the way I was headed. It was smooth sailing till I got caught in a speed trap and got a $160 ticket... bastards, hahaha but yeah i'll have pics up soon.
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