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getting the Z for the new year

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hi all, i'm new here

so i'm about to retire my honda prelude. and was seriously considering the 350z roadster. i live near redondo beach, and like crusing up and down PCH with my girlfriend.

i've test driven both the coupe and roadster, and like them both. and also i've driving the enthusiast and touring roasters. i do like the sub and better stereo, seat warmers, bigger wheels(m/t), and VDC in the touring, but does that really warrant a 3000 dollar price tag increase?

should i buy the enthusiast and add those in later? what can't i add in afterwards? (nothing too drastic) my integra and civic fixing-up days are over for the most part.

thanks all.
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If you plan on modding you will probably be better off buying the enthusiast and getting your mods after. The leather seats/butt warmer are great in the touring but truthfully the Bose is affectionately known as the "blows"..........I'd get the enthusiast, and pick your own custom sound set up designed for what you like, and get aftermarket rims. That is my opinion.

BTW I have a great friend who lives on 10th street in Redondo.....(I used to live in Venice Beach)
<span style="color:darkblue">Well, personally, unless you feel the need for the VDC and seat warmers, I'd go with the Enthusiast. You can get the 18" wheels as a factory option and the Bose isn't really a better system, it's just a more expensive one. It's probably also easier to upgrade the non-Bose stereo.

As far as VDC and seat warmers go, I don't know how much is involved in adding them down the road, but I'm sure more than the job is worth.

If you want VDC and seat warmers, then get the Touring. If you're unsure about the VDC, there are threads on here about it that you should check out</span>
i'm also leaning on not getting the Navigation, if that makes a difference. Are there any people out there that have added the touring seats in an enthusiast.

as for the stereo... i'm trying to keep the stock look. if there are ways to upgrade the system then i'm up for it.
There are infinite ways to upgrade the system. People say that my JL Audio Stealthbox looks stock.

Personally, I sat in the seats of the Touring and then the Enthusiast that I have. I thought the cloth was more comfortable.

Also, read up on the VDC and see if you really think you need it. Many people don't think it's necessary, but some think it is a must.

I have no idea about navigation though. I don't have it, but I haven't found a situation that couldn't help me out with.
Both setups suck. And to power aftermarket speakers, you'll need a better HU, so you can either keep it stock for the looks, or change everything for the quality.

And keep in mind that you can always add aftermarket navigation
I have the factory head unit powering mine. You're right, I could have much better quality, but it's definitely better than stock the whole stock setup.

I just have to save up for the Kenwood DDX7015.

Pioneer has a nice navigation unit out now that you might want to check out if you think it's totally necessary.
I replaced my stock speakers w/ alpines and added an extra amp, that did a good job of making it sound nicer.....
I personally think VDC is a must.

Someday, I'll replace my HU.

I could take or leave leather seats. Not a big deal for me. I just knew I wanted a Touring or Track.
Although Smooth, the heated seats are great on those frosty mornings here.........leater gets so cold in the winter........brrrrrrrrrr
Originally posted by jinxxycat@Dec 6 2004, 04:19 PM
Although Smooth, the heated seats are great on those frosty mornings here.........leater gets so cold in the winter........brrrrrrrrrr

It's not so bad if you're not wearing something very short. I've gotten into the Z while wearing shorts, and yes it does get chilly for a minute.
I would definately go Enthusiast as everyone else is saying. If you plan on modding then do Enthusiast but if just keeping stock then for the Touring
My 2cents worth, I have the '04 340ZTR,,,,,Love the leather, and being in FL, I thought heated seats would be a joke? If you ever hurt your back, there's not a doctor on the planet that can make you fell better the those Z seats....TRUST That.......Can't argue the price dif. but to each, his own......Personally I like the best of everything....And I have it....Dave
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