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At this stage I am just gauging interest but, I may have a set of slighly damaged Altstadt EXEs for sale, 2 x 19x10 and 2 x 19x9.5, with tyres, 2x Faulken 19x245 and 2x Faulken 19x285. They are chrome and one needs a new rim and two others have small marks so may also require new rims.

Keep in mind this is not a problem as they are three piece so get some quotes and let me know what you think they are worth. They've done around $10k and, notwithstanding the damage, are in excellent condition.

The set cost me around $7k but let me know what you think they might be worth. When I can I will get a picture of all of them and post them. I have driven on them since the damage and they are not buckled. (The car was stolen and chased by police.)

Obviously they are BIG feet, they fit really well, no scrubbing, and look bloody fantastic!

Any interest please PM me and I'll let you know more details. Like I said I will post some pictures when I can. In the meantime follow this link and check out the Altstadt EXE chrome to see what they look like.

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