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Gauges, Gauges, Gauges Which gauges do you really

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well i have a G and i'm planning on going FI (turbo) soon. i really don't want to cludder the interior of the car with gauges. so here are a couple of areas i won't be able to use: the cubby where the stock nav screen goes, i'm planning on going with an aftermarket nav unit so that cubby space along with the cubby above the glove box is no good. i don't want gauges on the pillar because that will give the car a racey look.

here are couple of gauges that i was looking at: Zeitronix Wideband Gauge ( and the Defi-Link Display VSD Concept ( it seems like both of these gauges should be able to monitor everything that i would need to monitor. the zeitronix gauge can go either in the little sun glass holder or down in the cubby next to the hazard light button is. that's for those of you that know the interior of the '03 G35 coupe. as with the Defi unit i don't think that would look too bad on the dash plus it can show the speed along with tach. on the windshield.

some say that gauges are not needed and some say it's a must. i would feel alittle more comfortable being able to monitor a car that was originally N/A and now FI. i may be able to see if something is not working right and hopefully be able to catch it before it's too late.

there is one gauge holder that goes on the steering wheel column that holds 2 gauges. i'm not too sure about that setup because i don't want to cover any of my stock gauges that i may really need. if it doesn't cover any that may be an option.

now on to which gauges to get? if went with separate gauges which ones are a must? if i were to go with 2 gauges which one are a must and if i go with 3 gauges, which ones should i get? thanks for any replies, if i'm going to get anything i'll have to do it soon, so any replies are greatly appreciated. i know most here have a Z but, there is some really good info here and alot to learn from others. thanks!
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Fuel pressure, wideband, and boost. That's all you need imo.

What I plan:
Autometer Nexus Boost and Fuel Pressure (was going to go with Defi BF Ambers but boost is bar and not psi)
AEM UEGO Wideband (other alternative who just want to monitor is Dynojet wideband commander)

I have a G35C and besides the triple pillar mount , I mounted three extra gauges in the center console down were the coin pocket and emergency flasher are located.

I had a simple triple gauge plate at Tap plastics (3/16" thick ABS , beveled edges, only cost $12) and painted it with Titanium paint. If you leave the flasher in place there is room for two gauges once the coin pocket is removed. If you relocate the flasher switch you can fit 3 . Either way you need to at least remove the coin pocket and trim a little plastic.
thanks i'll look into that.
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