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Good morning all,

I just bought a 2004 350z roadster and I’m trying to figure out why the gas lid switch will not work.

Here is what I have done so far

1) Tested fuse and it is working. Trunk lid does open which according to book shares a fuse with the gas lid
2) Tested the actuator and it does work
3). Pulled the switch of and tested it and it works.

Should there be power going to the switch? I tested the wire going to back and to switch and there does not appear to be power going to them.

Any thought out there? Thanks in advance for any assistance an I look forward to being able to help other with problems when I can.

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Sounds like you've done a pretty good job of troubleshooting this problem before posting it. Problems with the fuel door actuator are not a common problem with the Z33. I wonder if there's a problem with grounding the switch itself? When the button is depressed, the electrical current is completed, and the actuator fires to pull the fuel door tab.
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