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Alpine CDA-7998 headunit. Totally BADASS! I also JUST got the xm adaptor to let the headunit be the controller for the XM, that only took about 8 months longer than expected. $400

PolkMOMO MM6 component system with custom made (by me) external inclosure. $249 I think. This links to my cardomain page to show my custom skillz

2 PolkMOMO C300.2 sub amps bridged pushing 550 RMS to each sub. $349x2

2 12" PolkMOMO MM124 subs in custom built box (by me again) to fit in stock location and replace glovebox. $249X2 System is very stealthy for the insane amount of music available. You dont see any subs at all.

I have a memphis 75X4 amp that I have bridged to 150X2 pushing the mids and highs. No pics of that.
My thought was "I want to go deaf and hear it clearly." I surpassed my goal. It's not the loudest thing out there because there are always to few people who go WAY over the top, but my 1400 RMS system attracts enough attention. It's probably around 140db give or take a few. I also sound proofed the whole car but that will stay. There is also a 2.4 Farad digital Cap and the whole system was wired with 0/1 gauge.

It truly is badass.

I may have to take more picks so it can live on the internet forever.

As I said it is for sale and I'm looking to move everything in one fail swoop. I'm thinking $1200ish since I have over double that invested.
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