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Hey folks,

Recently got my Z back from the wonderful folks at (FHRX ) in Sydney, who installed a full system for me. As well as advising on components, etc. Spent a particularly fun 3 hours in their office listning to speakers. In addition to the huge amounts of help and absurdly detailed invoice they provide you with photos during the install. Which is nice. it's not like I can check the wiring now that it's all back in one piece. Well not easily anyway.

I'm very, very happy with the results. Sounds incredible. :wub:

Now what the **** am I going to do with two boxes of Bose stuff?

For reference... here are the main bits:
Head Unit: Eclipse CD5030
Processor: Audison BitTen
Speakers: Dynaudio 242GT (6.5" & 1")
Amp: Hertz HDP 5
Sub: Crescendo Etude2.10

A few selected images from the 120+ pictures Marty sent me.

Sub enclosure during in progress

.. and in place

... and with passenger

Deadening on passenger door

Speaker in place

Amp rack loaded and ready to go into glove box

Covers ready to go on.

Head unit in place

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Good Job!

Good Job, but why did they leave that empty space at the bottom and possibly at the top? How does the system sound, any rattling sounds? Thanks
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