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I’ve got a 2003 350, that of course has leaky valve covers. I bought new ones to go ahead and replace them and decided it would be a good time to do a good cleaning of the lower plenum and intake manifold seeing as they had a good coating of oily build up. The fuel rails were being a bit stubborn and when finally coming off 2 of the brown fuel injector seats (not sure what their proper name would be) broke, one of which landed on top of the thankfully closed intake valve. Not 100% sure the purpose of the piece as the o-ring seems to be what holds it into the manifold, maybe helps the spray? Anyways, they seem like they could be replaced but I cannot seem to find any information regarding if that is possible or not, or found the parts to do so. Before ordering injectors figured I’d ask to see if anyone knew if they could be changed out, and if so where to find these parts. They do not come in any o ring kit etc.
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