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Fuel fumes after Crawford plenum installed.

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I've noticed that since I installed the Crawford plenum, I get a strong odor of exhaust fumes, almost as if it was too rich. Does anyone else have this problem? Do I have to torque down the plenum to a certain point? I tightened it pretty hard w/o breaking anything. I usually smell this when sitting and idling at a light or stop. Never when I drive. Let me know! Thanks!
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Thanks, guys. I really like my combo, even though it feels like I've lost some torque. I'll keep it for now, but **** that smell is foul. I almost think I have a leak in the system, but I don't get a CEL which is good.
Thanks, Andy. I'll look into this soon. I am pretty sure it's coming from the engine bay. I'm not looking forward to taking it all apart again, but I have noticed that my gas mileage is not that good.

Where did you order the o-rings and clamps from?
That would be awesome, Colin! Maybe you can bring it to my house next week for the Z meet! I don't have any and am too cheap or lazy to go out and get one right now. I need to spend time detailing her for the big road trip.
Andy, I tried your test and got no fumes in the Z. I suppose that's a good thing! So now all I have to do is live with the smell at idle... :shiftdrive: That's okay, anything in the name of power and sound.
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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