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I have very new 2003 version touring rims for trade
I bought my Z used and the previous owner bought these OEM touring rims to replace the old ones that had curb rash for $1400 (I know that this is probably retail price, and most likely overpriced).

The tire tread life is still very high ~90% as only a couple thousand miles have been put on. The tires probably can last about 20,000 more miles. Since the wheels were bought recently, the wheel condition is excellent the chrome has no scratches and is very shiny and smooth.

If you like chrome wheels and want a OEM look and if you're local to the bay area (San Jose) region let me know. You can also check it out in person, it's still on my car because I don't want to dedicate myself yet to buying another set of wheels if I can trade these first. I want to trade them because personally, i'm not really into chrome wheels.

I'd like to trade for XXR 527's or any other similarly priced wheels


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